Corporate History

July 1951
Our original company "Fuji Hat Industries Co., Ltd." was founded.
October 1951
Manufacturing of wool hats and caps, and small flat fur felt.
October 1952
Tokyo Office Office (now Tokyo Sales Office) established.
May 1955
Begins production of long flat felt.
March 1956
Start of production of colored long felt.
November 1958
Begins production of pen felts.
February 1960
Approved as a "JIS"-designated factory for long felt.
September 1964
Begins production of needle-punched carpets.
May 1965
Begins production of hammer felts.
June 1967
Prince and Princess Hitachi visit the factory.
June 1968
Technical tie-up with Knox Company (U.S.A.) for hat-making.
March 1971
Company name changed to Fuji Corporation.
September 1975
Nagoya Office established.
March 1980
Begins production of automobile carpets.
June 1980
Ishioka Factory established.
September 1983
Fujico Service Limited Company inaugurated.
March 1990
Tobu stock house established.
August 1992
Begins production of spun lace.
June 1994
Obtained evaluation certification from the Minister of Construction for "prevention of suction from riverbanks".
July 1994
Formed alliance with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont) for the production and sale of felt for heat-resistant filtration filters.
October 1995
Over-the-counter public offering of stock.
March 1997
Established overseas subsidiary, Fuji Corp Hong Kong International Ltd. (Hong Kong).
March 1998
Head office and main factory acquire ISO 14001 certification.
October 1999
Head office relocated to new building.
June 2004
Acquired ISO 9001 certification for automotive non-woven fabrics.
April 2008
Begins production at Shenzhen processing Factory.
March 2009
New Tokyo Office office building completed.
October 2010
Establishment of overseas subsidiary Fuji Corp Precision Products(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd..
January 2012
Subsidiary acquisition of Sanwa Felt Co.
July 2012
Tatebayashi Office (currently Tatebayashi Factory) established.
October 2012
Fujico Service Limited Company merged with Fujico Service Ltd.
November 2012
Ichinoseki Factory established.
February 2013
Overseas subsidiary PT. FUJIKO INDONESIA established.
June 2013
Headquarters and Ishioka production acquired ISO9001 certification.
June 2013
Sanwa Felt Co., Ltd. established as an overseas subsidiary, Sanwa Felt Hong Kong Co.
January 2014
Establishment of Seoul Liaison Office.
March 2016
Sanwa Felt Co. establishes SANWA FELT (THAILAND) CO.
March 2018
Sanwa Felt Corporation Overseas Subsidiary. Establishment of SANWA FELT VIETNAM CO.
May 2018
Seoul Liaison Office is converted to an overseas subsidiary, and FUJICO CO.,LTD. is established as an overseas subsidiary.
February 2021
Tatebayashi Factory closed.
May 2021
Sendai Sales Office and Fukuoka Sales Office are closed.
September 2021
Japan Wool Weaving Co. Ltd. acquires 100% of the Company's stock and joins the Nikke Group.
September 2021
Kakogawa Factory opened.
June 2022
Nagoya Office relocated.
June 2022
Sanwa Felt Itami Factory established.