Industrial Materials

We manufacture and sell a wide variety of nonwovens, from products that are familiar to you in your living environment to sub-materials that support industry in the field of industrial materials, and products that support the living environment.

Components for Office Automation (processed cleaning pads and ink absorbers)

Our felt is used inside office equipment such as toner sealing material for LBP printers and waste liquid absorbent for inkjet printers. Our felt is used in many machines that you may not be aware of, but are familiar to you.

Steel Related Materials (Tension Pads)

We are expanding our polyester and nylon non-woven fabrics to Japan and all over the world as components to prevent coil misalignment and loosening of coils at the time of slitting steel sheets, a mainstay of Japanese industry.

Industrial Components (oil adsorption mats, cones with shafts)

Made of non-woven polypropylene with excellent oil adsorption properties, this has been used for wiping oil in factories, controlling oil leakage from facilities, and removing suspended solids in rivers, etc.
We also handle wool felt with wool felt shafts as abrasives, which are used for deburring molds and polishing jewelry, and are also used in your daily life.

Civil Engineering Components(Protective mat/Blackout mat)

As a protective mat for final waste disposal sites, we produce a wide product (3.7m width) in-house, which reduces the number of person-hours required for installation.