Fujico has the technology to process raw materials to finished products, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to develop products that meet the needs and trends of our customers.
Here, we would like to introduce our nonwoven technology and processing technology.

Nonwoven Technology

Fujico began with natural fibers such as wool caps and fur felt, and now uses a wide range of raw materials including synthetic fibers such as PET, acrylic, PTFE
Inorganic fibers such as silica and glass, and carbon fibers such as pitch- and PAN-based fibers are also used.

In recent years, we have been developing products using recycled materials such as discarded clothing and repurposing process scraps and waste materials to reduce the use of raw materials, in consideration of UN SDGs target 12, “Responsibility to Create and Responsibility to Use’’.

Processing Technology

Our processing divisions include the Shenzhen factory, Indonesia factory, and the Sanwa Felt Group. Sanwa Felt Group has a long track-record in the OA industry.

Starting with simple punching, the Sanwa Felt Group excels at felt bending and diagonal cutting of urethane.

Among other things, felt bending is used to bend the sides, perimeter, and openings of the product to This reduces delamination between the felt and urethane layers.