Environmental Energy

In the context of the global environmental problems that are increasing year by year, we manufacture and sell environmental and energy materials that help prevent air pollution and global warming.
We aim to contribute environmental problem-solving measures that meet the various needs of the global environment.

Dust Collecting Filter

We have been manufacturing and selling filter bags for dust collectors for over 50 years, meeting various needs from low to high temperature ranges.
Among them, products that fuse fluorine fibers and inorganic fibers, such as TEFAIRE™ and BFTS-65, have functional products with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and collection properties, and are used in incineration factories and industrial waste facilities throughout Japan.
※TEFIRE™ is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company.


Molded insulation material is manufactured from our carbon-based high-performance non-woven fabrics and used in high-temperature furnaces that ceramics and other materials cannot withstand.

This molded insulation material is an indispensable component of silicon crystal growth furnaces used for solar cells and semiconductors, and is a product that is expected to grow further in the future due to its high purity, excellent heat insulation, and durability.